Lolab, the Land of Love

Known for lakes, fruit orchards, and lush green rice fields, Lolab Valley is a serene spot for tourists to soak in the beauty of North Kashmir. Poets and writers often rightfully refer to the valley as the 'land of love and beauty. Lolab valley, locally known as ‘Wadi-e-Lolab’ is known for its fruit orchards, lake, springs and lush rice fields. Poets like to refer to Lolab as a true destination and as “land of love and beauty”.  The valley is a combination of three valleys, Potnai valley, Brunai valley and...

Places To Visit In Lolab Valley

Important Communications In Lolab Valley

Lolab Valley is known for its natural beauty and slow paced life. A must visit destination for nature lovers, the valley sees a substantial number of foot fall every year. If you are looking for at exploring Kashmir to the fullest, then Lolab Valley is a must visit destination for your next Kashmir tour!

Lolab Valley is fairly well connected to all parts of Jammu and Kashmir through the railway network. Thanks to its popularity as a tourist attraction, the small town enjoys excellent connectivity.

  • Baramula
  • Sopore

Bus is one of the most popular public transports in Jammu and Kashmir. From Lolab Valley, you can avail bus services to most parts of the state. Apart from State Govt run buses, there are a number of private bus operators who offer bus transportation in luxury buses.

  • General Bus Terminal

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Kishtwar is well connected to other parts of Jammu and Kashmir by road. While the Jammu & Kashmir State Road Transportation (JKSRTC) runs buses that connects this dreamy town to the rest of the state, there are private buses, luxury buses and private transportation available too!